17th November 2017

SBEM Calulations

All new build commercial premises will need to carry out SBEM calculations in accordance with the Part L2A regulations. The calculations will then need to be supplied to the to the building control officer.

SBEM calculation is split into two stages. ‘Design stage’ and ‘As-Built stage.

Design stage SBEM Calculations

You must provide the building control officer a design stage SBEM calculation before you start on site. This involves us assessing the building based on the drawings and specification supplied. At this stage there is a pass threshold which we can provide our advice on how to meet this dependant on the type of insulation, glazing, ventilation and air leakage.

As-built SBEM Calculations

This is the SBEM calculation that is provided to building control for the final sign off. This may have to be updated slightly from the Design Stage SBEM calculations depending on whether any changes have been made, such as input of manufacturer’s specifications and the as-recorded air permeability rate.

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